Prepare Your Website’s SEO

You have three options for optimizing your website for search engine findability: Basic, Comprehensive or Professional. The right fit for you will be based on your budget and/or time investment.


Basic SEO is free. Just take about 5-10 minutes to prepare a list of 20 keyword phrases and a 1-2 sentence paragraph (of no more than 250 characters total) that describes who your company is, what you do and your unique competitive advantage. If you choose to not do this then we will do it for you the best we can with what general knowledge we have of your company. All pages of your website will include the same basic SEO info.

This is the best option for companies who are not very concerned with their rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Comprehensive SEO is also free! BUT you will need to spend roughly 1-3 hours preparing your data for us. In short, we need the same info as we do for Basic SEO but in this case we need it for EACH page. We will need you to email us a list that contains the name of every single page in your site and an SEO Title Tag, SEO Keyword List and SEO Description for EACH page. (for more info see the FAQs below)

This solution is most popular with companies who are not in a position to engage the services of an SEO specialist at this time yet want to be found on the internet and have the time to invest in their own research and SEO meta tag writing.


If you are really serious about being found on the internet by the major search engines then we suggest that you let an expert do it. These are full time SEO Experts that do not do designs, do not do HTML coding, programming or updates…they just do SEO and they do it well.

They research and test the best keywords and keywords phrases for your site, write the SEO meta tags for you, copy edit your site’s text with the selected keyword phrases, manage your social marketing campaigns with Facebook, Twitter and blogs, work with you to determine the best long term search engine marketing strategy and more.

This solution is best for companies who have a solid marketing budget and understand the value of engaging with a full time SEO expert.


What is a Keyword Phrase?
A keyword phrase is 2-4 keywords words in a single phrase that you think people would be searching for to find a site like yours on the internet.

Bad Example: Aluminum
Good Example: Aluminum Recycling Center Cincinnati

Who do I choose the best Keywords?
We recommend that you use as a resource for researching and testing keywords and keyword phrases for your site.

What is an SEO Title Tag?
This is a list of 1-3 keyword phrases that describe the content on that page. They should go in order of importance with the most important phrase first, on a single line, separated by commas.

Bad Example: business, marketing, plans
Good Example: small business marketing strategy, business continuity planning strategy

What is an SEO Keyword List?
This is a list of up to 20 keyword phrases. Use the same guidelines as described for creating an SEO title tag.

What is an SEO Description?
This is a 1-2 sentence paragraph that describes the content of that targeted page. This text should be well written to entice a visitor to click the link on a search engine site and enter into your site.

Example: Business strategy & Business continuity strategy: Improve your business with advice and a free newsletter from leading business writer Robert Heller.

Where can I get more SEO Self Help?
We recommend that you start with This has been a wonderful resource for many of our clients.

What is an example of a website that scores well with Google?
Two good examples can be found below. I learned about them from reading some online articles.